Complex solution of parking problems or why choose APC?

In recent years, there are disparities between the pace of motorization and the pace of development of the road network, and as a consequence of traffic congestion in our cities. The main method of dealing with congestion in kazahstanskihgorodah - widening of streets. However, for the sake of expansion of roads is necessary to destroy parks, pedestrian zones, in general, those elements of the city, which gives it a comfort. Ironically, one of the most important factors in an integrated solution to the problem is the organization ... parking.

In the cities of Kazakhstan provision of places for storage of cars at the place of residence of the population is an average of 35-40%, and the availability of parking spaces at the gravity of objects on average does not exceed 25% of the required amount. The situation is complicated besontrolnoy parking of vehicles in connection with which the roadway most streets in the central part of the city is used only for traffic by 30-50%, and this in turn leads to a corresponding reduction in the capacity of the road network.

The city areas

Suffer from this, all the inhabitants of the metropolis. The yards are transformed into a solid parking and the streets are losing on the strip on each side of the car was standing there.

What kind of parking systems exist?


By appointment:

  • Permanent storage
  • Interim storage
    • pritrotuarnye
    • on-site
    • intercept

According to the execution:

  • Interim storage
    • with parking meters
    • with a barrier
    • Only with security
  • Multilevel
    • ramp
      • concrete
      • metal
    • automated
      • compact
      • puzzle
      • tower
      • rack

Our company provides a full cycle of works related to the design and construction of mechanized and automated parking systems: from the development of design documentation to manufacturing, delivery, warranty and service.

Our parking solutions provide significant space savings, badly deficient in a metropolis.

Наши парковочные системы оберегают ваши автомобили их от краж и вандализма. Кроме того, они адаптированы под условия казахстанского климата, многократно испытаны и работают даже в условиях низких температур.Our parking systems protect your cars from their thefts and vandalism. In addition, they are adapted to the climate conditions of the Kazakhstan, repeatedly tested and works even at low temperatures.

Fill large areas of asphalt - is not the solution, and its injection. Machinery must occupy very little space, because the city is designed for people: for sports grounds, parks, bicycle paths, entertainment centers, work places. APC - a solution that allows you to save space and time, and - indirectly - money.


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