Tower parking

Tower parking lot - it's a multi-level self-supporting structure, which has a central elevator lift type with one- or two-coordinate manipulator.

Typically, the longitudinal or transverse cells for storage in the multi-level car parking spaces located on both sides of the elevator shaft. Possible scheme in which cells are the four sides around the shaft.

To expedite the process of issuing and for the convenience of the driver parking tower can have the reception area and the issuance of a car equipped with a rotary table. parginga frame can be designed as reinforced concrete and metal.

Tower parkingTower parking

Tower parking can be performed in a separate building, and in the form of an extension. Moreover parking tower can be integrated into the building.

Controlled via PLC on command from the vehicle owner or operator of the chip.

The main advantage of multi-level parking tower - a minimum area for one car. In terms of a single unit covers an area of 3 - 4 cars. Therefore, modern parking tower rational use in places where extremely high cost of land. That is first and foremost to effectively use these multi-level parking in big cities.

On the sketch submitted to the classic version of tower parking with accommodation 2 m \ places on the line. Also possible solutions Placing 4 m/ places on the line. These solutions make it possible to reduce the cost of the equipment is based on one m \ place, however, it increases the vehicle is issued.

The tower parking with two-axis manipulator and placing 4 m/places on the line. Maximum number of tiers 12. Maximum number of m/seats 48. The frame monolith, reinforced concrete, or metal. It is also possible versions breakneck parking with two-axis manipulator and placing 6 th/places on the line. In this case, one has to travel up to 72 class sedan cars.


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