SY-PG GREEN passenger lift

Symax SY-PG GREEN passenger lift is designed for residential buildings and other projects. It adopts various leading energy-saving and environmental protection technologies like permanent magnetic synchronous main driving motor, door motor, LED cabin lighting and ultra-thin calling board, etc.

Stability and reliability

VWF variable frequency driving features stability and reliabilitySpecial frequency converter adopts closed loop vector control technology to fully meet the requirements for dynamic adjustment. Intelligent speed regulator can automatically generate the optimal speed curve to enable the lift to be more stable during acceleration, deceleration and brake, so as to improve the comfort of riding, reduce the inter-floor flight time, and raise precision of landing. The new PWM compensation technology can effectively reduce the noise and wearing of the motor.

PWM compensation technology

PWM compensation technique to reduce the noise

The new PWM compensation technology can effectively reduce the noise and wearing of the motor.

128 beam light curtain

The 128 beam infrared light curtain protection system

A detection area formed by infrared beam of highest density (128 beam light curtain) effectively protects the safety of passengers, especially babies and kids within the door opening area.

Green lighting

LED Green Lighting

LED lighting source inside the cabin, greatly reducing the energy consumption, saving more than 70% energy, and significantly i mproving the service life to more than 10 years; and gentle light is conducive to health.

Ultra-thin wall

Ultra-thin wall mounted outbound calling board, reducing material consumption, without having to destroy wall surface and easy to construct.

Отладка лифта

Adjusting in cabin

Техник может настроить лифт непосредственно из кабины лифта подсоединившись к коммуникационным проводам.

Увеличенная высота кабины

Кабины в лифтах данной серии более просторные, за счет увеличения их высоты, что делает поездку в лифте более комфортной.

Compact machine room

Compact Machine Room

Compact machine room, having same area with the shaft, reducing about 45% area compared with the original machine room.

TFT LCD screen

Operating panel is standardly equipped with TFT LCD screen, providing rich and vivid interface

Door-motor system

Door Motor System

WVF intelligent frequency conversion door-motor system improves the operating efficiency of system. It adopts toothed driving structure and pendulum design to reduce actual load of motor and greatly increase motor's service life. It combines with new smart controller to achieve the best operation efficiency of the system.


Car wall


Optional floor


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