Escalator and travolater

SUCEDER Escalator SY-E / Travolater SY-C perfectly match the individualized designing style and the architectural space with their luxurious and soothing streamline, so as to lead you to success in a stable and comfortable environment.


  • Higher throughput capacity, more than the lifts and cable cars.
  • Stopped escalator is used as a ladder.
  • This transport machines of continuous action, passengers do not expect the arrival of a transport cab.

Through innovative technologies and high-quality materials with modern escalators and passenger conveyors has high wear resistance and maximum reliability. A design using a variety of lighting options and exterior makes it a decoration of any building.

Escalators and passenger conveyors offers versatility of use and the highest level of security. Lifting height, tilt, escalator arrangement, the width of the steps, as well as the exterior design are determined on the basis of customer requirements and specific operating conditions.

Fast installation and easy maintenance.

Main drive

Using environment: The FJ series FuMa reduction box applies to the indoor and outdoor environment, and runs with various voltages under the frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz.

Structure: FJ escalator main drive is composed of motor, brake and reducer.

Motor parameters: The rated voltage of motor is 380V, rated frequency 50Hz, work system Sl-100%, insulation F class, and protective class IP44/55. Brake' s external voltage is AC 220V, work system Sl-100%, insulation B class, protective class IP55.

Reduction box: Center distance between turbo and worm is 125mm/160mm, with the reduction ratio of 24.5:1, leading you to success comfortably.

Control cabinet

Control cabinetStandard control cabinet. Secure and stable relay contactor. Powerful microcomputer control system. All cables equipped with position numbered tubes.

Four operation models and various energy-saving solutions for your selection Applicable to indoors, running with various voltages under the frequency of 50Hz and 60Hz.

Suitable for different environment, with good maintainability, optional operation monitoring system, which can be customized according to the clients' requests.

Floor plate

Floor plateIntegrated design, deep groove, anti-slip Applicable to indoor and outdoor environment. Made of aluminum alloy sections which is black powder coated with non-slip groove and furbished on surface. The 2.5mm-deep transverse non-slip groove has better skid resistance and the color is less likely to be worn.

Optional: stainless steel


StepModular design, easy to remove. Applicable to indoor and outdoor environment. Yellow warning borders on three sides with modular design. Good strength and regidity, with anti-slip groove on the surface.

Optional: aluminum alloy step.

Handrail strip

Handrail stripMany type of colors for choosing, made of rubber or PU, being solid, durable and beautiful with good gloss

Handrail entry: The handrail entry is beautiful, elegant, safe, reliable and durable; equipped with brush handrail entry guard, which combines with the electrical protection to provide dual protection.

Step chain and roller

Step chain and rollerAppearance: diameter of 76.2 mm, width of 22 mm, running more stable.

Adopt oil-resistant and wearable polyurethane flange; double sealed rolling bearing; especially the Keel structure in the middle for strengthening, making the roller more durable, stronger and serving longer.

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