Modular buildings and block-containers

Block containers offered LLP Construction Company "Zere", made on the basis of modular buildings from sandwich panels. The residential unit is a complete building structure, veneered and painted profiled steel sheet, which has a high anti-corrosion properties. The outer corners, window and door openings are finished with profiled steel. On request, the residential unit can be manufactured in a variety of color combinations.

The internal layout and decoration of the premises are carried out according to your requirements. Highly qualified specialists of our company is used in their work advanced European technologies building industry and sanitary acceptable material for human health. After completion of the work on the industrial base of our specialists will perform the installation work on the installation of equipment on-site deployment of the modular building.

Mobile building may be formed from one or desired number of modules of steel as a one-story and three in two-storey version. We design and manufacture of the building, taking into account the full health adequacy (existence of kitchens, toilets and shower facilities with the installation of the necessary equipment, including heating for hot water).

Advantages of mobile buildings

  • The degree of readiness at the exit from the manufacturer's production - up to 97%.
  • Buildings to be transported by both road and rail transport to any destination.
  • If necessary, they can be easily dismantled and transported.
  • For certain requirements, mobile buildings can have an autonomous life support system of water and electricity.
  • The use of modern advanced finishing materials allows you to give the building an aesthetic exterior and interior.
  • Buildings can be different versions: residential, bytovogonaznacheniya, auxiliary and industrial purposes.

Distinctive features of the proposed buildings are

  • high speed of assemblence and commissioning;
  • reasonable price and high quality;
  • light weight design makes it possible to reduce the time and cost of performing foundation work;
  • design high strength characteristics;
  • durability;
  • building maintenance is possible with ambient temperatures from -35 C to +50 C.


Mobile buildings can be designed as a single, and the necessary quantity of steel containers, in one-story and two-story design.

Buildings can be different versions: residential, household products, and auxiliary production facilities.

The products of our company can also be used for:

  • Office;
  • Camps for oil and mining fields, gas and road construction companies;
  • Hotels, recreaction, hunting, fishing and resorts units (can be varied from standard to VIP);
  • prefabricated camps to the needs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations;;
  • clinics and hospitals;
  • prefabricated buildings for military personnel;
  • canteens and dinning
  • showers and changing rooms;
  • accomodation - household units for 4-8 people, household units for 2-4 people;
  • dormitories for 50-1000 persons;
  • workshops;
  • warehouses for materials and tools;
  • baths, saunas;
  • toilets, showers;
  • checkpoint and security shacks;
  • modular building for lab placement;
  • block module for security firms;
  • block unit shopping destination;
  • coolers and freezers;

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